Telum Talks To... Nazvi Careem, News Editor, Sports and Racing, South China Morning Post

Telum Talks To... Nazvi Careem, News Editor, Sports and Racing, South China Morning Post

Please tell us more about the South China Morning Post's Sports Desk.
The Sport Desk at the South China Morning Post comprises a talented group of journalists from Hong Kong, the UK, Australia and Canada. We have a great blend of veteran and young writers and editors as we rapidly move towards a digital-first news output system, in which a vast array of digital news options are bolstered by a solid foundation of traditional journalism values. We have editors and writers who are experts in a wide range of sports as well as having an in-depth knowledge of the China and Asia sporting landscapes.

How is your team covering The 2022 Winter Olympics this year? What makes SCMP's Sports stand out from other sports media?
We have an inside track on the Chinese sports landscape like no other, not only from a sporting perspective but also from a business and political standpoint. And we will be incorporating these aspects into our overall coverage because the Beijing Games is more than just a sporting event, it also has geopolitical and business implications.

Apart from that, we will be focusing on the human side of the Games, looking to highlight the people and personalities on and off the snow and slides. Each person has a story to tell and we hope to bring these stories to our readers

Do you have a team of reporters who will be dedicated to covering the Olympics, either here or in Beijing? If so, who are they?
We have a strong team of reporters in our Beijing Bureau who will be at the heart of our coverage, supported by our reporters and editors in Hong Kong. We will run live blogs that will be updated regularly with news, results, issues and quotes.

Do you have any deadlines for Olympics-related story pitches that PRs should be aware of? 
Depends on the work involved. Knowing a day or so in advance would help us assign the work but, as journalists, we are ready to develop stories at a moment’s notice if we feel it has strong news value.

More specifically, what would you like to hear about from PRs during the Games?
Our focus is on Asian personalities but that does not exclude other athletes, coaches, officials and others if they have a good story to tell. We like strong human interest stories that dive into personal backgrounds, the challenges and hardships they have overcome, the people in their lives who made them who they are and, of course, how sports has shaped their personalities. Sports is about celebrating the human spirit and unifying humanity and we want more of such uplifting stories in these challenging times.

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