Telum Talks To... Rachael De Foe, Communications Lead,

We talked to Rachael De Foe, one of the individuals spearheading, a database of people looking for jobs and companies with open positions. Rachael shared her views on the job cuts that have affected the marketing and communications sector, and how journalists as well other professionals from other industries can add value in the current job market.

The online list was jointly conceptualised by Saison Capital's Principal, Chia Jeng Yang and FutureLabs Ventures's Venture Analyst, Liu Simin, drawing inspiration from a similar list in the US, amid the impact of COVID-19.
  • A large number of communications and marketing roles have been made redundant as more companies shift their communications strategies.

    “The role of communications has really evolved during the COVID-19 period. I think people are focusing a lot less on promotions and talking about the company itself, but rather looking for ways to improve credibility, trust and most importantly reputation.”
  • Professionals from the media industry have an upper hand due to their extensive knowledge thus they must not shy away from approaching unfamiliar territory in their job search.

    “Journalists bring to the table important skillset - the ability to have a broad understanding, yet deep knowledge of industries and sectors. I think it's valuable to have journalists, who are willing to try a different role in a company.”
  • The initiative has not only helped connect jobseekers and companies, it has simultaneously spurred others to ramp up community efforts in their own unique ways, to reach to those who are affected by the pandemic.
     “Since we launched the initiative, we’ve seen other VCs, companies, and other people start up their own initiatives to try and help the community.”
  • During this period, professionals looking for jobs will need to highlight their expertise in digital marketing, as well as their ability to be flexible and adaptable given the rapidly changing situation.

    “Show how you can add value in this current market. How you can take forward a completely remote working, online sort of space and just be open to what the opportunity brings about.

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