Telum Talks To... Time Out about becoming Time In

Cass Knowlton, the Editorial Director of Time Out on how the global brand, and specifically in Sydney and Melbourne has pivoted to help Australians stay entertained and engaged during the time of COVID-19 social distancing.

Key takeaways:
  • Time In is still running during this time, with a new focus on helping people in Sydney and Melbourne find things to do and see while they're staying indoors.
  • The team want to hear from PRs with news about what hospitality organisations, cultural institutions and other organisations are doing to help Sydney and Melbourne residents during this time.
  • Good news is getting shared across platforms, so not all stories have to be "hard" COVID-19 news.
  • The best way to contact the Time In team during this time is via the email. The newsroom is operating remotely, with a daily 8.30am news conference to discuss news of the day.

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