Telum Video Vox Pop: Pitching to Podcasts

By Chloe Arentz

Whether at home or on the move, Australians are increasingly embracing podcasts as their first source of news and entertainment. According to the Infinite Dial 2021 Report, Australian podcast listeners consume an average of five podcasts per week, with 91% of Australians reporting being aware of podcasting and online audio. So how do podcasters prefer to be contacted with story or guest pitches? 

Podcast hosts and producers from across Australia have shared exactly what they're looking for in a pitch from PRs. 

Sarah McGilvray and Cathrine Mahoney, co-hosts of Not Another Parenting Podcast:
  • Listen to the podcast you're pitching to. Don't look at the title and assume.
  • We don't always talk about parenting, there are other areas we discuss on our show. Have a listen, we might surprise you!

Chris Beckhouse, Host / Producer of The Rider with Becko:
  • Do your research! Don't bother sending a pitch unless it's actually relevant to the podcast.
  • A lot of pitches are just press releases, they're not personally delivered or even right for the show.

Marisa Jayne, Founder / Host of Selfish Sesh:
  • You don't have to listen to the show's entire back catalogue of episodes, but go through the episode titles and previous guests to get an idea of what it covers.
  • My favourite pitches include the proposed guest and five to six dot points of topics they could talk to, or questions they would be comfortable answering.
  • This makes it easy for me to plan out my show.

Bevan Jones, Host / Producer of Legends with Bevo:
  • Send through some points of what the guests would like to discuss.
  • Including some background or history on the guest is always really helpful.
  • If there are some ideas of what the guest would like to promote (upcoming gigs, events, launches).

Maritza Barone, Host / Producer of Things You Can't Un-Hear:
  • Keep things really clear and concise.
  • When producers are looking for talent, it needs to be an easy decision after a quick scan of a pitch.
  • Talking points from guests are really easy as a producer to plan the premise of the conversation early.
  • Anything topical or relevant to what's happening around the world at the moment like International Women's Day would be great.

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