Telum vox pop: 5 key ingredients of successful relationships with media

Building successful relationships with the media requires a strategic and nuanced approach. It extends beyond simply pitching stories or issuing press releases. It entails establishing trust, comprehending the needs of journalists, and cultivating meaningful connections. Telum engages in discussions with a selection of prominent journalists in Indonesia, who will shed light on the essential elements that contribute to building and sustaining positive relationships with the media.

  • Agustiyanti, Editor, KATADATA
  • Muhammad Mutawallie Sya'rawie, Reporter, Bisnis Indonesia (Balikpapan)
  • Raden Roro Putri Werdiningsih, Senior Reporter, Kontan

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  • Agustiyanti
  • Raden Roro Putri Werdiningsih
  • Muhammad Mutawallie Sya’rawie
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  • Bisnis Indonesia
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  • Kontan
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