Telum Talks To...Ye Ying, Editor-in-Chief, The Art Newspaper China

Telum Talks To...Ye Ying, Editor-in-Chief, The Art Newspaper China

The Art Newspaper China (TANC), an art magazine for artists and art enthusiasts in China, celebrated its 10th anniversary in early 2023. Telum Media recently talked to its Editor-in-Chief, Ye Ying, who shared not only TANC's expanded areas of work but also the changes in China's art world they have witnessed over these 10 years.

In the talk, Ying elaborated on TANC's work routine in reporting, their practises in forums and events and their topics of interest such as technology, sustainability, climate crisis and feminist issues. As sustainability has been one of the focused themes for TANC in recent years, Ying introduced some of their projects on this topic and explained the significance of presenting sustainability in the art world. Apart from the exhibitions she visited in Hong Kong for the first time in three years, Ying also talked about her impressions of the art environments in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. Finally, she offered insights into the external impacts, including the decline of real estate markets and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, and anticipated the possibilities of Chinese art to stand on the world stage after the pandemic.

Full interview in Chinese can be read here.

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