Telum vox pop: 5 things to know about automotive journalism

Telum caught up with several automotive journalists to explore about five things that people might not know about automotive journalism.

This week, Telum talks to Helmi Mohammad Alfriandi of AutoFun Indonesia, Nadya Andari from Carmudi Indonesia, and Otoklix.com's Riyandy Aristyo to discuss 5 things about automotive journalism that people might not be aware of.

Helmi Mohammad Alfriandi, Editor, AutoFun Indonesia
1. Proper knowledge in the sector
Some journalists specialised in two-wheels, while some focused on four-wheels. To be fair, not all journalists that cover the automotive industry should be able to drive, but at least they should know about automotive issues.

2. Car exhibition is not all fun. 
We can't really enjoy ourselves while attending a launch exhibition, especially when the vehicles displayed are limited. We have to take turns with other journalists to cover the product.

3. Product reviews are time-consuming. 
We would often spend a week on a car review. We can borrow the car and take it home.

4. Never running on empty
Don't forget to fill up the tank when reviewing a car on the road. Remember, we can take the car for short or long trips, so make sure the petrol lasts a whole day

5. Not easy to get the show on the road
Finding a place to properly shoot a car review in Indonesia is kind of difficult because there are many restrictions in each location.

Nadya Andari, Journalist / Content Writer, Carmudi Indonesia
1. Put the pedal to the medal
We can't be too relaxed when covering a car exhibition. We have to move around swiftly and be able to quickly send news materials to our editor to be published.

2. Know how to ride
In my workplace, all journalists have to be able to drive so we can do the test drive.

3. It's all about the network
Good connections can help us to get the latest news and updates from the automotive industry. We can also be invited to events, get cars for reviews, and so on, so there are lots of benefits of having big network.

4. Break the boundaries
The automotive industry is mostly dominated by men so female journalists must be able to get along well.  I had an experience where I'm the only female car test driver in an event and I'll have to get along with all the boys. It was all fun to be honest. Never limit your networking circle!

5. Never run out of steam
We must keep learning more about the industry because there are lots of automotive terms that people might not be aware of.

Riyandy Aristyo, Content Editor, Otoklix.com
1. Never have a one-track mind
The automotive industry is not just about vehicles. The engine of ships, trains, and planes is also part of the industry. Our publication is targeting more segmented sectors in the industry, which is related to the workshop.

2. Get the right gears
A proper camera is important to cover certain automotive products. This will allow our readers to not only focus on the text, but also be able to visually see the product.

3. Knowledgable
To be able to describe certain automotive products in our content, we must understand the product first.

4. Always ready to hit the road
Automotive journalists should have a driving license and a valid passport, because in every new car launch, we will be asked to do the test drive, either locally or internationally.

5. Nothing is perfect
If we find something wrong during the test drive, we should put it in our content.
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