Telum vox pop: FinTech journalism in Indonesia

How do Indonesian journalists report FinTech issues?

FinTech news is a hot topic in Southeast Asia's biggest economy and Indonesian journalists are eager to present digestible information for everyday readers. How should journalists identify relevant news sources and how can communication professionals in the country help journalists write about the topic?

"First, I will map out the problem. Second, I will interview relevant sources, which in this case is the company, its users, FinTech associations, as well as the financial authority, OJK," said Christine Novita Nababan from

The importance of C-suites quotes is also pointed out by The Jakarta Post's Eisya Asshafina Eloksari. "Or at least from the Head of Public Relations or Head of Media Relations," she said.

So what is the ideal press releases for FinTech journalists?

"The basics are 5Ws and 1H, but there are other factors too such as the novelty of the story or something impactful on society," claimed Benediktus Krisna Yogatama of KOMPAS.
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