Telum vox pop: Welcoming a new era of sports coverage in Indonesia

By Muhammad Arby

Unlike the previous events, the 2021 National Sports Week (PON) will take place in the atmosphere of COVID-19 pandemic in Papua.

This week, Telum Media get in touch with a number of journalists in Papua to talk about the 20th National Sports Week (PON) which will be held from 2-15 October 2021 in the province.

Jean Bisay, the Editor-in-Chief of Jubi.co.id / Koran Jubi, admitted that it is not easy to hold PON in Papua. Especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. "Some of my fellow sports journalists are afraid of getting COVID-19, so they are working from home," said Jean.

ANTARA News' Hendrina Dian Kandipi added that not all areas in Papua have good internet connectivity. "So reporting is a bit harder in the midst of this pandemic," she said.

The role of communications professionals is also considered very important to support the work of journalists in Papua.

Fabio Maria Lopes Costa from KOMPAS reminded that communication professionals should be more proactive in helping journalists who cannot go to the field by sharing videos and photos. Similarly, Sudjarwo Husain from Indosport.com insisted that PRs personnel in the coverage area required to be vaccinated first.
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