Telum Vox Pop: How are upcoming FinTech trends changing the way communicators are orienting their comms strategies?

Telum Vox Pop: How are upcoming FinTech trends changing the way communicators are orienting their comms strategies?

With Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022 coming to a close, Telum spoke with PR and comms professionals on FinTech forecasts, communication platforms and anticipating the volatile yet exciting times ahead. 

Joe Pan, Executive Director, ImpactNFT Alliance and Contributing Editor, @NFTMetta_News
While the core disciplines of communication have not changed, we have seen the rise of new lingo and platforms that are specific to subsectors within the FinTech space. For example, the popularity of Discord as the standard means of communications and community building in the NFT space; the increase reliance on Twitter as the lead communication channel for Web 3.0 projects and Fintech companies, which can pose challenges to communicators in Greater China that may not have traditionally practised or prioritised tweeting with word limits.

In addition to learning new vocabularies and tools, it’s imperative that communicators learn to adjust their strategies around the compressed operation and marketing schedules that are the hallmark of the FinTech and Web 3.0 world. Whereas short and high frequency posting on social media may seem nosey and like chatter in the TradFi (traditional finance) world, it is often regarded as a standard of credibility in the new era.

Mridula Narayan, Marketing Director, Quantium
COVID has sparked a technological revolution, particularly in the realm of finance. It’s therefore unsurprising that we’ve seen such a boom in FinTech startups in the last couple of years (such as Quantium!). Correspondingly, we’re seeing a seismic shift in how these companies communicate with their prospective customers. Our end users and decision makers are more time-poor than ever before; they need you to get to the heart of their problem quickly and explain clearly and concisely how you can fix it.

There’s also a need for communicators to diversify their communication channels. The age of the white paper is over - today’s audiences want to consume content in a range of different ways, meaning comms professionals have had to up their distribution game. It’s no longer enough to just publish a blog; you also need to consider video (webinars), audio (podcasts), infographics, hybrids of all of the above… It’s safe to say the comms landscape is much more nuanced than it was pre-2020!

Sam Coyne, CMO, Currenxie
For communicators, perhaps the most important trend is not innovation but the change in economic outlook which impacts how people view FinTech. 2022 has marked an end to more than a decade of low interest rates and strong growth.

Brexit, COVID and now the European energy crisis have taken a toll on trade and hammered investor confidence. Inflation is running high, and consumers and businesses are feeling the pain. 

Venture capital deals have tightened, and IPOs will be challenging with weaker markets. In crypto, valuations have plummeted. As a result, many FinTech startups will refocus away from customer acquisition to profitability as their top priority.

At the same time, consumers and businesses are increasingly turning to FinTech solutions to help lower their costs. A recent Capgemini report found that 89 percent of SMEs feel underserved by their banks and are considering FinTech alternatives.

Communication strategies will need to be sensitive to this reality and focus on how their services can offer immediate tangible value. In particular, businesses and consumers will be looking for a sense of security and stability from their service providers.

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