Top reasons to pursue a journalism career

Top reasons to pursue a journalism career

Do you still remember what motivated you to become a Journalist? While journalism jobs are not the best-paid ones in the world, many work tirelessly to keep the industry rolling. This week, we invited nine local journalists to share with us why they are passionate about the field and what keeps them going. Also, listen to what they have to say about Telum’s recently-launched Jobs Board, which includes the latest editorial- and media-related opportunities across the region.

Anki Tam, Reporter, Sing Tao Daily
"I enjoy working in the media industry, as it is interesting to write feature stories. Apart from being able to dig deep into important topics, I just like contributing to our society by telling the truth. Telum’s Jobs Board is up-to-date and allows me to look for job opportunities anytime and anywhere."

Coby Wu, Reporter / Presenter, AAStocks
I found great satisfaction and success during my university internship as a journalist. I remember having conducted several interviews all by myself within a tight timeframe. But seeing my own stories published was a great pleasure as it was a testament to my hard work.
Telum’s Jobs Board is so nice as I had never seen this sort of service before, at least not in the Asia Pacific region. Apart from informing me about the most up-to-date media opportunities in Hong Kong, it keeps me abreast of the latest local media trends."

Erin Chan, Reporter, The Standard
I wanted to be a writer, but I didn’t have a lot to say. In 2012, I joined an online journalism workshop held by HKU’s Journalism and Media Studies Centre, where I fell in love with on-the-scene reporting. So what I did was working in journalism. As a live Jobs Board, it provides real-time jobs update and allows applicants to make preparations in advance."

Gary Li, Growth Editor, Fortune Insight
My original intention is to seek knowledge and truth and a sense of justice. I hope that in the era of information explosion, I can achieve professional and realistic reports and present the real situation of society to the public.

I personally like Telum’s weekly jobs alert because the content there is well-organised and systematic. It has always been a convenient read and easy to digest. A great fit for people like me who is lazy and wants things hassle-free."

Kristy Lai, Assistant Producer, RTHK Radio 3
"I’ve always wanted to tell my stories to a wider audience, and the idea of pursuing it as a career just seemed right. So after I graduated from university, I immediately enrolled in HKU’s Master’s of Journalism course to start my journey as a journalist.

Telum's Jobs Board is definitely very helpful for people who are actively seeking jobs, and people can view a variety of jobs at the click of a button. And since there are lots of openings, it is sort of a one-stop solution that allows people to view jobs in just one place without having to click through a bunch of irrelevant adverts and job posts."

Natalie Poon, Reporter, Hong Kong Economic Times
"I hope I can contribute a bit to society through my reporting. In the meantime, being a journalist is interesting, and I am bound to encounter different events each day. Telum’s Jobs Board is a great source of information, especially for journalists who want to keep up with the trends."

Sakura Ip, Reporter, Phoenix Hong Kong Channel
"The industry is a kaleidoscope of the fast-changing world. This unique experience of being a journalist makes great writers. No wonder a number of great authors in human history had been journalists. I obviously want to be one of them. All for the job platform! Every opportunity will lead you to a different journey."

Sara Velezmoro, Reporter, AsianInvestor
"I like reporting because it gives me the opportunity to learn about different topics through speaking with professionals at the top of their fields. And I found my job through Telum’s newsletter!"

Shamim Ashraf, Editor / Advisor, Business News, China Daily Hong Kong
"The role media can play in exposing social ills and contributing to society's betterment drew me to journalism. And I am still very much passionate about journalism because it has a role more important and required than ever in today’s world. The causes remain the same, and, for journalists, it is an ongoing battle to find out and expose what is not right out there."

About Telum’s Jobs Board:
Apart from launching a media newsletter featuring the latest people moves, media updates as well as exclusive interviews, Telum has recently launched a brand new Jobs Board, complete with PR, editorial, and media-related career opportunities. Start your job search in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Australia, and other parts of the region at Telum's Jobs Board. Find the jobs that matter to you. 

Are you expanding your team? Telum Media’s Jobs Board is a dedicated platform that hosts Journalism, Public Relations and Media Related roles, including marketing communications positions and those of a creative nature. Post a FREE Job ad here. Please email if you have any questions.

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