Updates from ECO SPORTS (Beijing)

Updates from ECO SPORTS (Beijing)

ECO SPORTS is a representative sport new media and industrial service platform. It constantly creates in-depth, professional and constructive content from multiple perspectives: marketing research in sports field, policy interpretations, investing and financing, industrial figures and pan-culture. ECO SPORTS aims to link fine resources indoors and abroad to provide a diverse service and discover the future of Chinese sports industry.
  • Luo Da is the Founder / CEO overseeing sports industry. 
  • Chen Diandian, Founder / Editor, oversees sports copyright issues and games IP. 
  • Guo Yang, Founder / Editor-in-Chief, covers sports business.
  • Yin Haonan, Partner and Editor-in-Chief, focuses on sports business and football.
  • Wu Jiawei, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, oversees sports business and football.
  • Liu Jintao, Reporter, covers basketball.
  • Huang Mengting, Reporter, focuses on gym, entertainment and consumption side of sports.
  • Wang Mengru, Reporter, covers ice sports, football and sports celebrities.
  • Li Luyuan, Reporter, focuses on general sports and its entertainment side.
  • Fu Yutong, Reporter, oversees campus sports, sports career and general sports.
  • Han Rongdi, Reporter, covers esports.
  • Liu Xueting, Reporter, covers campus sports, general sports and the entertainment side of sports industry.
  • Bei Li, Reporter, focuses on football, esports and rugby.
  • Fu Haonan, Reporter, covers rugby and sports news in North America.
  • Song Xinyu, Reporter, focuses on football, Go and campus sports.
  • He Haodong, Reporter, oversees sports business.

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