Vox Pop: What are your top tips for pitching EOFY stories?

Vox Pop: What are your top tips for pitching EOFY stories?

By Chloe Arentz

Ahead of the upcoming End of Financial Year, Telum asked various editors covering shopping, consumer goods and retail to share their top tips for pitching relevant content.

Melody Teh, Best Of Deputy Editor at news.com.au
  • For pitching EOFY sales, the Best Of team's tips include having the sales listed in bullet points with important information like the sales dates (when it starts and ends) and sale prices with RRP. Bonus points for highlighting percentage or price discounts (i.e. 40 percent off or AU$400 off).
  • Highlighting top-selling products included in the EOFY sales.
  • Pitching to relevant team members in the team. For example, pitching tech sales to the tech writer, not the beauty writer!
Emily Bencic, Editor of Appliance Retailer / RetailBiz
  • Make sure the tips are relevant for the publication’s audience - consumers versus businesses. It seems trivial but it’s a common oversight.
  • Make it interesting. Journalists get hundreds of EOFY pitches so think about what makes yours more unique and newsworthy.
  • Always include a supporting image or head shot if there’s a spokesperson being quoted.
  • Don’t leave it until 30th June (or even a day or two before). EOFY preparations are already well underway! Start pitching now to give our readers more value.
Greg Rogers, Editor of NewsServices.com
  • EOFY implies that the features will be aimed at reaching out to businesses looking to secure a financial advantage prior to the end of the financial year. I look favourably at pitches that showcase products and services that will appeal to SMEs.
  • Small and medium enterprises will be on the hunt for products and services that will actually help them to operate or grow their business. The tax advantages are probably secondary to the opportunity that comes around once a year, to acquire the things that they need, at a discounted price, with the bonus of taxable income concessions. Pitch stories touching on the needs of SMEs and I will pay attention.

Marion Gerritsen, Editor of Australian Giftguide
  • Make sure it is relevant to the industry and it’s current - as we write for retailers, make sure the pitch includes tips or advice that are beneficial to retailers, especially in the current climate.

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