Wild Ginger is live

Wild Ginger is live

Wild Ginger, an inclusive wellness guide curated for millennials by millennials to learn, grow, thrive, and lead their best lives has been launched. Derived from the scientific name Asarum which means sanctuary, it aspires to be a haven for all things self-care, highlighting the importance of wellness and ensuring self-care is easy, inclusive, and accessible for all Malaysians.

Apart from delving into the latest stories, insights as well as personal and professional advice on mind, body and skin, Wild Ginger aims to discuss a range of meaningful topics and key issues that matter to Malaysians’ overall wellbeing encompassing financial wellness, mental health, and environmental awareness, among others. It also interviews unique personalities to cultivate conversations and uncover their perspectives and new ideas for greater understanding and knowledge-sharing. Avid lovers of health and wellness can find out more about Wild Ginger on their website or follow Wild Ginger on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Wild Ginger will also be introducing a weekly newsletter, featuring bite-sized lifestyle news and advice for one’s personal growth journey, and is now available on the website. Wild Ginger is being spearheaded by Aida Azrin as the Editor.

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