Publishing Guidelines

Telum Media's Jobs Board aims to connect jobseekers with genuine roles. The Publishing Guidelines listed below are designed to ensure jobseekers visiting the Telum Jobs Board have access to real job adverts, devoid of any discriminatory or offensive content, and real applications that do not demand unnecessary information.
  • Jobseekers should not be charged to apply for any advertised jobs
  • Only genuine roles should be advertised - if a role appears to be spam or a scam, Telum Media reserves the right to withdraw the job advert without prior warning
  • Do not include content that could be deemed discriminatory or offensive - if an advert appears to ignore this guidance, Telum Media reserves the right to withdraw it
  • If redirecting jobseekers to an in-house web or career page, they should not have to either register or create a login to view the full job description
  • If redirecting jobseekers to an in-house web or career page, they should be able to apply from the link directly and not be redirected to any other website
Telum Media has produced these Publishing Guidelines in a bid to protect the jobseeker from job listings which may be fake, feature discriminatory or offensive language, or require unnecessary information.

If Telum Media believes any advert contravenes these Publishing Guidelines, and is likely to result in excessive user complaints or spam, they reserve the right to remove it from the Jobs Board in order to protect jobseekers.

Posting a Job Advert

Telum's Jobs Board accepts public relations, journalism and media industry-related jobs, including internships, marketing communications roles and those of a creative nature. Please note, we do not accept fellowships nor sales roles at this stage.

Jobs must be based in one of the 16 locations available in the dropdown option when submitting an advert. These are: Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Mainland China, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Any submitted adverts relating to roles based outside of these 16 locations will be rejected. 
Please check your junk or spam folders, but do contact the Jobs Team if you are still having problems at
Once your advert has been submitted, you will receive an email and link to a review page. Further edits will be possible and adverts can be translated into Simplified and Traditional Chinese at this stage, as well as Bahasa Indonesia.

You will have two days to review and confirm your advert, and you will receive a reminder email one day before the publishing date. Advertisers will not be able to review and confirm postings once this period expires as adverts will be withdrawn from the system. Failure to confirm your advert means it will have to be resubmitted.

Please note, however, that adverts can be submitted and reviewed up to two weeks in advance to support periods when advertisers may be off work.
Once you submit an advert, you have two days to review and confirm it, so there is the ability to save an advert for later use.

However, because the submission process for the Telum Jobs Board is quick and easy, you are unlikely to need to use this option.
Once approved by the Jobs Team, your advert will go live from the Publishing date provided when posting your advert.
Adverts are listed according to the date they are published on the Telum Jobs Board, with the most recent advert listed at the top.

Visitors to the Telum Jobs Board will also have the ability to reorder job adverts by the nearest upcoming closing date and use a range of filters to search through listings.
Once approved by the Jobs Team, your advert will feature for the duration specified by the Publishing and Closing dates provided when posting your advert. The minimum length is seven days, with a maximum of 30 days.
Advertisers can post as many jobs as necessary but need to submit each advert separately. 

Please refer to the 'What jobs do you accept' guidance in the FAQs for further information.
This is not something the Jobs Team offers directly, but the Telum Jobs Board does allow recruiters to advertise jobs in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.
Telum Media is happy to direct our audience to company in-house job pages, but will not publish adverts with application URLs to competitor job platforms and websites.
The Jobs Team understand these sensitivities and ask you to use your company name instead of your client's please.
No, Telum Media is delighted to allow advertisers to publish opportunities for free on our Jobs Board.

Editing a Job Advert

It is not possible to edit published adverts. Advertisers needing revisions should request their advert is withdrawn by contacting the Jobs Team at and resubmit their role.
It is not possible to extend an advert's closing date once it has been reviewed and confirmed. Adverts requiring a longer run time will need to be resubmitted.

This ensures your advert starts at the top of a 'View all jobs' list again; as well as being positively impacted when positions are sorted by 'Recently published'.
Please contact the Jobs Team at should you need to withdraw an advert before its 'Closing date'.

Viewing a Job Advert

Once your advert is approved by the Jobs Team, you will receive a URL weblink you can share or post into a browser to view your position.

Advertisers can also search for positions on the Telum Jobs Board using any of the search functions listed; as well as browsing positions via the 'View all jobs' option.

General Queries

There are various reasons for reporting an advert and the Jobs Team request being notified when:
  • An advert is discriminatory or offensive
  • The role appears to be spam or a scam
  • A weblink is broken or the job description is incorrect
Telum Media takes these reports seriously and our teams will review, correct, and / or remove the post as necessary.

Please note that having reported an advert, you may not directly hear from the Jobs Team after investigations, and we do not guarantee action will be taken.

Be Aware: This feature is only available when viewing the details of a specific job.
The system will send out two emails once you've completed an application form in the Telum Jobs Board and selected the 'Apply' button:
  1. The first is sent out to the recruiter and contains the details entered in the form; and
  2. The second is an identical email sent to the applicant to confirm the application has been successfully forwarded to the recruiter.
Telum does not have any visibility on the status of an application and any queries should be directed to the recruiter.
The keyword search function searches the job title, specific location, company name, company abbreviation, and job description fields.
Telum does not store or use any documents, CVs or covering letters for information processing purposes apart from when sending information to the advertiser of a job. For any other queries relating to the use of your data please refer to our Privacy Policy page.

Technical Queries

Please email the Telum Jobs Team at providing a description of your issue, the page URL and if you can, screenshots of what you are seeing. This will help us to investigate the issue.
The Telum Jobs Team would recommend that you refresh the page, clear your cache or, as a last resort, try another browser.

Contacting the Telum Jobs Team