Agency Profile: PULSE Communications

Agency Profile: PULSE Communications

PULSE Communications has spent the past two decades building up a team that specialises in sectors ranging from beauty to consumer electronics. This Agency Profile takes a closer look into the "altruistic influence" approach at the Taiwan-based agency, the ESG programmes its working on and more about PULSE's services and hiring philosophies. 

What services does the agency offer?
PULSE Communications was founded 20 years ago. We help our clients with brand essence, consumer insights, brand positioning, PR and marketing strategies, and media planning. PULSE provides a flexible and integrated O2O communication service coupled with creative presentation to garner media and consumer attention and drive discussions.

PULSE is currently a partner of Taiwan’s largest communications group, Group TRON, and we hope to provide comprehensive one-stop marketing services to our partners within the group. Beyond our PR consulting services, PULSE offers integrated online and offline PR strategies as well as flexible content production.

Do you have a particular area of focus?
PULSE Communications has a wide range of specialities, ranging from beauty and fashion, food and dining, healthcare (including medicine, medical care and medical devices), consumer finance, tourism, technology and consumer electronics and retail.

Our approach to PR is to guide our clients towards a collaborative "altruistic influence" in order to promote a common good.

What is next for your agency?
We look forward to continuing to build constructive communications with our media colleagues and provide transparent and meaningful information to stakeholders.

Tell us about a project you are currently working on or are particularly proud of.
PULSE is currently assisting several different companies to plan their ESG programmes. Our clients' ESG programmes not only need to align with their corporate culture and values, but also need to incorporate the voices and active participation of their employees, especially the younger ones.

These projects will help our own younger generation of employees better understand our clients' needs and provide meaningful and attractive solutions that can boost employee engagement and promote more active participation in ESG programmes.

What skillsets do you look for in new hires?
It's important to be curious about the real world and to explore and experience it. We also encourage our employees to learn to use and embrace AI - there's no need to fear it.

As a PR agency that offers strategy, creativity and executable solutions, it's important for our team members to have open mindsets and demonstrate a willingness to learn.

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