Auror appoints Sling & Stone to shed light on retail crime crisis
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Auror appoints Sling & Stone to shed light on retail crime crisis

Sling & Stone has been appointed by retail crime reporting platform, Auror, across Australia and New Zealand.

The partnership will see Sling & Stone continue to build on Auror’s brand, focusing on awareness across the retail sector, as well as law enforcement and government stakeholders across both countries. This will be achieved by using a mix of strategic media relations, data storytelling, founder profiling and employer brand work.

James Hutchinson, Global Head of Business at Sling & Stone said: "Retail crime is a fast growing concern... And while it’s only become top of mind fairly recently for the public, it’s been an ongoing issue for retailers for many years. That’s where Auror has successfully become a trusted solution and partner to both allow retail organisations to report retail crime, and also for law enforcement to collaborate with retailers and increase store safety.

"Auror holds a unique vantage point in understanding how organised crime affects those on the frontlines and the retail industry as a whole. Their innovative approach to addressing crime is groundbreaking, and we look forward to amplifying their story and communicating the impact they have had on retailers and the work they’ve done with police."

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