Media Tour Recap: Cable TV

Media Tour Recap: Cable TV

Media Tour Cable TV Hong Kong
On 25th April 2023, Telum Media had the honour of inviting Oscar Lee, Head of Public Affairs at i-CABLE Communications, to host a media tour for a group of PR professionals at the Cable TV Tower.

Key takeaways and sharing below:

Updates at Cable TV
  • Cable TV had previously announced it will return the pay television licence to the Hong Kong government in advance and terminate its pay-TV service, effective 1st June.
  • The company plans to invest more resources on its three free TV channels: Hong Kong International Business Channel (HKIBC), HOY TV and HOY Infotainment Channel.
  • The shift away from pay TV will neither affect the Cable TV News brand nor the 200 Cable TV News employees responsible for daily news reporting and producing informative and editorial programmes.
  • News reporting will shift from being aired on pay-TV Finance Info Channel and News Channel to the free TV channels of HOY TV and HOY Infotainment Channel.
Programmes at Cable TV
  • From the three free channels, the City Focus programme currently holds the top spot in terms of popularity. It is produced by the news team and explores the latest hot topics and social issues in Hong Kong through an "infotainment" approach.
  • Other popular programmes include the cooking and health programmes aired during the weekday prime time slots.
Day in the life at television broadcasters
  • Television news meeting is generally divided into three timeslots, usually at 10am, 3pm and 7pm.
  • At the 10am meeting, the news team discusses the news focus of the day while assignment editors allocate reporting duties and schedules.
  • The 3pm gathering decides the programme's headliners and reporting sequences.
  • The 7pm meeting follows up on that evening's reporting session and prepares for the following day's morning news.
Pitching tips
  • The best time to pitch to the TV news team is on the day before holidays and festivals such as Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Good Friday.

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