Talking Heads: Conall McDevitt, Penta's Managing Partner, Europe and Asia

By Sam Jo Yeo

Talking Heads is a new Telum Media series that spotlights company leaders and delves into their thoughts on business, leadership and communications.

In this first edition, we speak to Conall McDevitt, Penta's Managing Partner for Europe and Asia. Conall was formerly Chief Executive Officer of Hume Brophy, until the firm was acquired by Penta in January 2023. We sit down with Conall to find out:
  • How the acquisition has strengthened both entities in terms of business growth and communications strategy (0:35)
  • The role that data plays in Penta's communication consult (1:57)
  • Their operational plans for Asia (3:42)
  • Reputational risks that company leaders should prioritise (8:03)
  • The one indispensable aspect of communications (12:45)
  • How Penta plans to tackle changes in the communications industry in Asia (15:47)

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