Podcast Profile: The Climate Conversations

Podcast Profile: The Climate Conversations

Tell us about The Climate Conversations, and what inspired it.
'The Climate Conversations' was born out of a realisation that the most powerful tool at the disposal of those of us in media to help combat climate change is to provide knowledge and awareness. Our mission is clear: we aim to facilitate open, candid, and informed discussions about the multifaceted aspects of climate change and environmental sustainability. This includes issues such as climate science, policies, renewable energy innovations, conservation efforts, personal sustainability practices and more.
Who are your target audience, and what do you hope your listeners' takeaway from the podcast? 
Our target audience is diverse. Basically, we hope anyone who is interested in learning more about climate change, its impact on our world and the steps we can take to address it will find our podcast useful. We hope to inspire our listeners to become more engaged, informed, and proactive in addressing climate change, as well as to foster a sense of shared responsibility for the well-being of our planet.
What topics and themes have been the focus of your podcast's fourth season, addressing pressing environmental issues? How do you select and prioritise these topics?
In the first two seasons of the show, the emphasis was on deciphering a range of tough and complex climate topics and policies, as well as framing the scope of the climate crisis. But for the third and fourth seasons, we shifted our approach to showcase remarkable individuals or companies that have harnessed innovative approaches to save the planet.
Rank your top three episodes of The Climate Conversations.
1. Beef wellington without the beef? A plant-based butcher is serious. We spoke to Addis Tan, chef and owner of Love Handle, about breaking barriers and staying hungry in the business of plant-based meats. This episode earned us an honorary recognition at the Webby Awards.

2. Your last goodbye, the eco-friendly way. A heartwarming conversation with funeral director Ang Ziqian, who helps us delve into ‘green funerals’. It's a fresh perspective on sustainability in an unexpected place.

3. Surviving the Sizzle: Climate change is the new enemy for militaries. A three-part limited series on extreme heat featuring remarkable individuals who are on the frontlines battling harsh weather conditions. Retired three-star general Richard Nugee tells me how heat poses as much danger to soldiers as any enemy they may face.  

Environmental challenges can be overwhelming and complex. How does The Climate Conversations present these challenges in a way that's engaging and actionable for listeners?
It’s a constant struggle for us to make climate change discussions engaging and relatable, but we are committed to this core mission. So, rather than inundating our listeners with scientific jargon, and statistics or emphasising the dire consequences without offering solutions or hope, we try to share compelling stories of individuals who are passionate about making a positive difference, quirky stories you might not often hear about (for example, how the K-pop community is taking part in climate action or eco-friendly menstruation products) and offer practical insight and solutions.
What advice would you give to PR professionals looking to pitch relevant stories or experts to The Climate Conversations? Are there any qualities and guidelines that the team look for in potential guests, and any deadline they should take note of?
PR professionals can best serve their cause by presenting passionate and eloquent guests who bring unique insights, innovative solutions, or compelling personal stories related to climate change. There is a preference, of course, for news angles and substantive information or data to support their pitches.
Are there any exciting plans in 2024 that listeners can anticipate?
Absolutely! We'll be launching a series featuring Chief Sustainability Officers from various industries, offering deep insight into sustainability efforts across different sectors. We are also gearing up for fascinating discussions leading up to COP28 in Dubai. Stay tuned!

Answers submitted by Julie Yoo, Podcast Host for The Climate Conversations and Presenter for CNA's Asia First.

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