Publication Profile: A Kind Man

Publication Profile: A Kind Man

Talk us through A Kind Man. What is the podcast about and what does it aim to achieve?
A Kind Man is a Chinese hosting and browsing podcast platform in Malaysia. The platform aims to deliver personal development guidance and uplifting content to everyday Malaysians. We aspire to cultivate a self-development space for our listeners. A Kind Man also emphasises on organic content which sets us apart from other channels that often repeat existing content on radio broadcasts.

What sort of content do you publish, and how often?
A Kind Man covers a broad spectrum of topics ranging from lifestyle, legal advice, medical insights, business strategies, physiology, travel experience, parenting tips and more. Our platform regularly releases new episodes from various podcasts on a daily basis.

Who and where are your target audience?
The audience of A Kind Man is made up of 90% Malaysians, 6% Singaporeans and 2% Australians who mainly speak Mandarin and fall within the age range of 23 to 44 years old.

Why should they check out A Kind Man?
Our podcasts are available on-demand, giving the audience the flexibility to select and engage with their preferred topics and podcasters. A Kind Man is currently a free in-app podcast, and it can be easily downloaded from platforms such as Google Play, App Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

Introduce the current team
A Kind Man was initially introduced by Sam Mak, who is the Founder of the In-app podcast and a Podcaster for Sam’s Slashie Life 《大宝,斜杠人生》. For the time being, there are over 30 content creators actively engaged with A Kind Man.

The brand has two distinct divisions: In-app podcast, led by Content Marketing Manager, Hau Min and A Kind Man (AKM) production, managed by Project Manager, Sharon Tan.

What is A Kind Man’s editorial focus for the next quarter and coming year (2024)?
We hope to diversify our content offerings and encourage more people to listen to podcasts. Furthermore, we aim to empower young entrepreneurs, enabling them to actively participate in podcasts to share their valuable insights and expertise in more meaningful ways.

What topics does your team cover that people might not be aware of?
A Kind Man is an in-app podcast that introduces branded podcasts for some companies, especially established brands. Apart from that, we also provide branding and marketing services encompassing content ideation and production for SMEs or young entrepreneurs.

How can PRs work with A Kind Man? Who should they get in touch with and what types of pitches are you interested in receiving?
A Kind Man welcomes inspiring real-life stories and influential figures to reach out for potential interviews. We are also open to collaboration and partnerships with established brands and SMEs, whether it’s for podcast content production or assisting in promoting A Kind Man.

Any exciting plans or announcements we can look out for on your end?
A Kind Man podcast app has recently undergone a facelift, featuring an exciting new interactive addition known as BUBBLE. The latest feature functions as a chat room, facilitating direct interaction between podcasters and their listeners. BUBBLE provides an engaging space for creators to initiate discussions, collect valuable data, and even host contests. We are also excited to announce the addition of several new podcasters from various backgrounds this month. They will be delving into a wide array of subjects, including interior design, nutrition, pets, and even spiritual enlightenment from a Beijing-based podcaster.

Answers submitted by A Kind Man’s team.

Telum Media visited A Kind Man's office recently. Here are some pictures of its office at Millerz Square. 

A Kind Man team and Sherlyn Kang from Telum Media (second from right)
A Kind Man team and Sherlyn Kang from Telum Media (second from right)
Podcast studio 
Lounge area

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