Publication Profile: Eatbook

Publication Profile: Eatbook

1. Tell us more about Eatbook - what does it aim to achieve, and what makes your publication different from others in the food industry?
Eatbook aims to help Singaporeans discover good food. We are also Singapore’s leading, multi-platform food content producer, with a successful digital presence and reputation across all major social media platforms, alongside our website. Our platforms are all united by a belief in sharing honest opinions about what and where to eat. We constantly have our fingers on the pulse, with great attention paid to the latest trends in the food landscape. We also ensure we support the local food scene by highlighting local eateries and F&B businesses, big and small.

2. What sort of content do you publish and what are the different series your team is working on?
We cover the following topics on our website:
  • Food News covers the latest in Singapore’s dining scene
  • Food Guides based on themes and dishes or locations
  • Food Reviews where we review new and existing businesses in Singapore, and share our unbiased opinions
  • Behind The Food shares heartfelt, human interest stories behind prominent names in the local food scene
Our Facebook content is centred around our communities’ needs, which include topics such as:
  • Food hack
  • Easy / viral recipes
  • Food guides
Beyond these, our other social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube are important avenues for engaging content such as:
  • Food challenges
  • Recommendations by locals
  • Eatbook Tries Everything / Taste Testers
  • Eatbook Vlogs
  • YouTube fringe segments that feature food gameshows to variety content with local restaurants
3. Who is Eatbook’s target audience?
Singaporeans who are interested in food, aged between 18 and 45.

4. What kind of image do you want your readers to have of Eatbook?
That we are a trustworthy and reliable authority for the dining scene in Singapore.

5. Are there any exciting plans in 2023 that readers can anticipate?
To further connect with our communities, we launched a Lemon8 platform in April and are also looking to create Chinese content by the end of 2023.

6. Are there any PR pitches you’d like to receive more or less of? How can PRs work with Eatbook?
We primarily focus on food and experiences accessible to the general Singaporean population, so fine dining is a no-go for us. We’re open to travel brands looking to invest in creating food content, so tourism boards, etc. are welcome to reach out for partnerships.

Answers submitted by Eatbook's editorial team.  

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