Spotlight On: Funny You Should Ask podcast

Spotlight On: Funny You Should Ask podcast

What is the podcast about? What do you cover?
The podcast discusses all things political, international affairs, entertainment, and pop culture. The main aim of our podcast is to integrate a young perspective on topical events and subjects. It is too often that podcasts are made for older generations and there is a clear lack of podcasts that target teenagers of all genders and binaries.

We discuss many topics, often joined by experts and special guests to help our audiences become enlightened on certain situations. We inform them of how to help and we interact with our audiences to know what they want to hear.

Who works on the podcast?
The team includes Amber Grech and Shae Acevski. We are journalism students from the University of Technology Sydney and have known each other since high school. Together we produce, write and edit everything for the podcast, as well as being its hosts.

Who is your audience?
Our audience is the younger, progressive generation, including all genders from the ages of 13 to 25. We hope to influence young individuals to become more aware of the world around them and bring more salience to important topics such as climate change and human rights protests overseas.

How can people listen to the podcast?
We upload once a week on Tuesdays and you can find our Podcast on Spotify under the name Funny You Should Ask. We also have our socials @fysa.uts on Instagram and @fysa_uts on Twitter.

What can listeners expect from the podcast in the new year?
In the new year, we plan on using our perspective and power as young people to raise awareness on important topics. We hope to be joined by influential figures so we can bring issues to the forefront of change.

What advice would you give to PRs looking to get in touch?
We accept pitches and would like to be pitched as a new and innovative podcast with a progressive viewpoint.

Answers submitted by co-hosts Amber Grech and Shae Acevski. 

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