Supermassive news out of Sydney
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Supermassive news out of Sydney

(Pictured, left to right: Laura Aldington, Simone Gupta and Jon Austin)

Laura Aldington, Simone Gupta and Jon Austin have teamed up to launch Supermassive, an independent agency focused on non-traditional advertising and earned media.

Laura and Simone previously shared CEO responsibility for the Havas Creative Group across Host/Havas, h/commerce, Red Havas, One Green Bean, and Organic, while Jon is the former Executive Creative Director of Host/Havas and Host, and also oversaw creative output across One Green Bean and Red Havas.

In announcing the launch, Laura said they aim to set a new benchmark in effective non-traditional advertising and earned media: "Supermassive's mission is to partner with brands who share their belief that to be effective, they need to entertain more than interrupt; lean into popular culture and not compete with it; outsmart when they can’t outspend, and make people want things by making things they actually want.

"We combine disciplined brand strategy with deep earned expertise, and put it in the hands of a creative leader with an exceptional track record in this space."

Jon said the vast majority of people think advertising is more interruptive than ever: "We want our ideas to exist and thrive where our audience do, in the forms they love. We want ideas that draw people in on their own terms, rather than pushing unwelcome into their lives. That’s not to say paid media doesn’t play a hugely important role in what we do, but we’re setting out to augment and amplify what goes into those channels so that our ideas can travel beyond their paid reach."
Simone said the Co-Founders have all worked in agencies that broke convention: "Businesses with agility and imagination like Host, One Green Bean and Anomaly NYC, and we have massive respect for the indie agency scene in Australia.

“We share a reputation for creating inclusive and kind cultures, with agencies under our leadership frequently featuring on ‘Best Place to Work’ shortlists. Our black book is bursting with world class talent, creators and collaborators across music, tech, gaming, sport and entertainment, keeping us in lockstep with culture."

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