Talking Heads: Dhiren Amin, Chief Customer Officer, Income Insurance

By Sam Jo Yeo

Talking Heads is a Telum Media series that spotlights company leaders and delves into their thoughts on business, leadership and communications.

In this episode, we speak to Dhiren Amin, Chief Customer Officer at Income Insurance. His remit includes life and health product development, marketing, customer experience and insights, strategic communications and the company's sustainability agenda. We sit down with Dhiren to find out:
  • How his prior experience in marketing informs his current work at Income (0:13)
  • Storytelling practices he cannot live without: Having a strong business objective, connecting it to a social good where possible and staying true to one's brand purpose (3:00)
  • His all-time favourite PR and marketing campaigns (7:42)
  • What consumers value the most when it comes to brand loyalty: Utility, fair value and purpose (13:42)
  • Income's upcoming plans (17:13)
  • What makes a successful leader in this industry: Being customer-obsessed, craft-obsessed and ensuring that one's people remain excited about what they can create (17:56)

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