Talking Heads: Nicky Wang, Chief Executive Officer at WE Red Bridge

By George Putong

For Nicky Wang, Chief Executive Officer at WE Red Bridge, an effective communications plan must accompany a thoughtfully considered marketing plan to really nail a campaign. "The reality is that the line [between the two] has really blurred," she told Telum Media's George Putong.

Just like her approach to marketing and communications, Nicky strives to maintain a balance between all things in life, whether that's between integrated thinking and strategic focus, global narrative versus localisation, or resilience in the pursuit of personal and professional growth.

During a sit down with Telum's latest Talking Heads industry leader, Nicky shared with us:
  • Three things that have shaped her into the leader she is today (00:21)
  • The blurred line between marketing and communications (05:06)
  • The necessity of a holistic approach to integrated marketing and communications (05:55)
  • Key trends that Nicky has observed about the PR landscape in Mainland China (07:57)
  • The future of communications in Greater China (10:14)
  • Advice for companies trying to do business in Greater China (12:17)
  • Upcoming plans at WE Red Bridge (13:36)
Talking Heads is a series that spotlights company leaders and delves into their thoughts on business, leadership and communications.

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