Telum Australia and New Zealand's Christmas Poem (2020 Edition)

Telum Australia and New Zealand's Christmas Poem (2020 Edition)

'Twas the night before Christmas,
Home offices locked tight,
Newslists were pre-planned,
The year’s end was in sight.

It's been a year like no other,
There’s been so much change,
So Telum took a look back,
At the good, bad and strange;

2020 kicked off,
In an almighty blaze,
Towns filled with smoke,
Cities draped in haze.

Even though this headline,
Was definitely no joke,
Turned out there was a story,
Even bigger that broke.

COVID-19 struck next,
Our leaders gave speeches;
We were told to stay away,
From the shops and the beaches.

And who, might you ask, 
Helped to flatten the curve?
'Twas the writers and editors,
With well-chosen words.

While health hogged the headlines,
The media did change,
Let’s look at those stories,
You’ll be amazed at the range!

AAP 'twas on the brink,
Of being gone for good,
But some donors pulled together,
And kept AAP in the hood.

Bauer Media shut shop in En Zed,
But reader, don’t stress!
A buyer for Bauer,
Came to sort out the mess.

Are Media rose from the ashes,
In Aus they brought back Elle, 
And over in New Zealand,
They revived some mags as well.

There were closures and mergers,
And money was tight,
But huge ratings and readership,
Put traditional media back in the fight.

'Twas the end of a radio era,
When Jonesy said goodbye,
Fordham stepped up to host,
When Alan moved over to Sky.

The year also brought,
Launches galore;
ausbiz, and NCA Newswire,
And so many more.

Local papers were launched
Let’s call them by name;
Now Naracoorte Community News! Now Chinwag! Now Ararat Advocate, and Bundy Today!
On CQ Reporter! On Port Lincoln News! On South Burnett Today! On Yass Valley Times!

The first female Editor,
Set up at The Age;
Gay Alcorn joined the paper,
To help turn a new page.

NZ’s Sinead Bucher spoke to Nine,
About purchasing Stuff,
They said to her “Sold!”
One buck is enough.

While we’re in New Zealand,
Discovery Inc bought TV;
A station from Mediaworks,
A channel, named Three.

It was a big year for all,
We deserve a good break,
None more so than the media,
Make sure a holiday, you take! 

From all of us at Telum,
Thanks for the news,
We’ll be back in the new year,
With industry changes and moves.

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