Telum Media’s Round-up 2020

Telum Media’s Round-up 2020

2020 was a challenging year for the media industry which has been hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis. For many journalists, there was the excitement of covering a major global news story as it unfolded. Others have been forced to look for other opportunities or switch careers altogether. At Telum we’ve tried to do our bit to keep you up to speed on what’s going on but let's take a moment to recap some of the things you might have missed this year.
1. Telum Alerts
Well if you are reading this, you may have noticed that Telum always delivers the latest updates within Indonesia's media landscape. In 2020, we had a lot to update on!

So far, we have published around 812 journalist moves, including Ariyo Ardi leading GTV, a new Editor-in-Chief at, and Karlis Salna, stepping down at Bloomberg (Indonesia). There were massive editorial changes at jawapostv, kumparan, and The Jakarta Post, where M. Taufiqurrahman was appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief. Journalists from the outlets have switched careers or moved to other companies.

Interested to share your stories in our alert? You know where to reach us.

2. Newcomers
It wasn’t all doom and gloom. We also saw innovation in the media industry. Three media outlets launched this year: GO by, SEA Today News, and Tribun Banten. And as we predicted two years ago, podcasts grew in popularity everywhere in the world, including in Indonesia. This year saw the launch of Podcast Om Om, Sosial Lagi, Journalist X Lawyer, and Dear Passengers among others. We also saw new episodes from On The Level and Podcast Progresif.
A warm welcome to all the freshmen!
3. Go With the Flow
In the year that in-person meetings became increasingly difficult, we introduced video interviews with journalists. Starting with fasting in the midst of COVID-19, navigating the new normal, what journalists want from PRs, and we also interviewed the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of CNBC Indonesia, Muchamad Ghufron.
4. The Features and Interviews
During the year, we looked at various issues impacting journalism. We started with the Indonesian Cyber Media Association (AMSI), how media should handle COVID-19, how the media navigates the current situation in Indonesia, Indonesian media turn to positive news as COVID-19 continues to claim lives, and behind the scene of the campus reputation campaign.
The line-up of our Telum Talks to… interview series included several prominent journalists, from CROWN Indonesia's Editor-in-Chief Shannon Hartono, the Editor of KOMPAS Aloysius B Kurniawan, Reporter of Central News Agency Shih Hsiu-Chuan, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Community Officer of Dewi Margaretha Untoro, Founder / Chief Editor of ARCHINESIA Bookgazine Imelda Akmal, Editor-in-Chief / Founder of The Finery Report Christine Laifa, and the Freelance Journalists in Indonesia.
Lots of entertaining content to read!
5. The Webinars
COVID-19 has changed the way both journalists and PR professionals work. Webinars are becoming the norm because they allow participants to be productive while staying home during quarantine. Because of the rapid changes in the media landscape in the country, we hosted two webinars tailored to the Indonesian media market. The first one is the best strategy for both journalists and PRs to work in the midst of COVID-19 and an exclusive webinar with the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of KOMPAS.
6. Get the Ball Rolling
Working from home is tough because we can no longer seek comments from doorstep interviews or press events. During 2020 we stepped up our Media Request service enabling journalists to source materials for articles, whether you are seeking interviewees / experts / spokespeople, a product to review, a case study to illustrate a point in your articles or prizes for competitions. They have proved very popular and we will continue to expand and grow media requests in 2021.
Send your requests here.
7. If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get
With the working environment unpredictable in 2020 we helped even more journalists update the PR community on preferred methods of contact, the best way to send press materials, and even the best timings for to receive pitches to make maintaining and growing your network easier during the pandemic.

Fill in our survey to inform our public relations friends on sectors you cover now using this journalist interest survey.

8. Telum Jobs Board
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges for the media industry. To help journalists find new opportunities, Telum will launch the Telum Jobs Board. It will allow both recruiters and journalists to publish and apply for jobs in media, communications, and related industries. This service is free!


So that was some highlights of 2020, a year like no other, a year full of ups and downs and challenges. One can only hope better times are around the corner.
We will keep delivering the news within the industry, connecting PRs and journalists, and providing insights from the industry's experts. Let's enjoy the rest of 2020 and start 2021 with new hopes!

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