Telum Talks To… Aliya Alifadrianti, Senior Associate, Maverick (Indonesia)

Telum Talks To… Aliya Alifadrianti, Senior Associate, Maverick (Indonesia)

Aliya Alifadrianti handles Maverick's Digital and Creative Team. She focuses on work with FMCG clients, tourism and on sustainability issues. In 2021, she won the Cannes Young Lions Indonesia and was shortlisted in the Cannes Young Lions Global Top 8. Aliya shared with Telum her recipes on how to make a campaign stand up and how being young has some leadership advantages.

Recently Maverick won the Digital & Social Media Award from PRCA APAC Awards 2022 - congratulations! What is key to making your campaigns stand out?
Attuning yourself to the wants and needs, which change with time and circumstances, of your intended audience is key. When the pandemic was in full swing, for instance, we realised that our Indonesian audience wanted and needed something they could access from home to help relieve the stresses from isolation. So, when we conducted a beer sampling it was all done online with a "BINTANG Crystal Chill Kit" containing our beer, snacks, and a painting kit to our consumers to spice up their lives.

How do you think being young has some advantages on leadership?
I believe I've been mentored by great people and exposed to remarkable opportunities since I joined Maverick in 2019. A great thing about agency life is that you are exposed to clients from all industries and fields, and that contributes to a faster learning experience. Maverick culture is also very open so we are able to discuss directly with our supervisors and even partners and absorb their knowledge and wisdom!

Trends in comms you're keeping an eye on?
How corporations bandwagon on meme culture interests me since light and witty communication appeals to the younger generations while many corporations are still managed by older people.

As you mentioned, corporations are mostly led by older generations. Right now, you’re leading the digital and creative team at Maverick, does the generation gap hinders creative work or causes any clashes?
I believe every cross-generation communication will have some different interpretation of things, especially in digital, where everything moves rapidly. I have to consider myself lucky because I've been working with very open-minded and curious people. I see their inputs as another perspective that could enrich my work.

Last but not least, congratulations on getting your Open Water license! Where are you planning to have your scuba trip next?
I'm planning a scuba diving trip to Bomba Atoll this August. It's a 1.5-hour boat ride from Ampana, the administrative center of Central Sulawesi. It's remote and perfect for escaping the hectic Jakarta life.

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