Telum Talks To… Kyla Estoya, Editorial Director of The Local Creatives

Telum Talks To… Kyla Estoya, Editorial Director of The Local Creatives

By George Putong

Based in Cebu City, Kyla Estoya is the Editorial Director of The Local Creatives, a passion project that’s turned into an online publication celebrating the local art scene. She shares the types of contributions she’s looking for.

Tell us more about The Local Creatives and how you’re supporting homegrown businesses.
The Love Club (TLC) is a campaign in cultivating kindness and simultaneously supporting local businesses and artists. One of its projects is The Local Creatives, a platform where we write articles and share stories that celebrate the local creative scene. I started this because I’ve worked in numerous media companies and met a lot of talented people. To me, writing about them is an honor and it’s nice to know that I’m giving them a spotlight, even just for a little while.

How does your day-to-day look like? Do you work with a team?
I usually spend the first half of my weekday with my day job as a copywriter for a digital marketing agency. The tasks for The Local Creatives are typically spread throughout the day whenever I’m free, after my shift, and sometimes during the weekends. I work with a team and most of them are my friends who are also part of this passion project, while some are interns who want to hone their skills with us.

What types of contributions do you look for?
We always look forward to artist profiles or any article that celebrates the arts. It would also be great if we get to see fiction, creative non-fiction, or maybe even poetry that are either written in English or a native language in the Philippines such as Tagalog, Bisaya, or Waray—just to name a few.

It’s election season in the Philippines and social media is on fire. Where does kindness fit in – any tips?
Yes, it is on fire, and I always find myself witnessing political tension. As much as possible I don’t like talking about politics nor complaining too much. I try not to rely on the government to solve certain problems, and instead I do my best on how I can be of help to society through what I can control. I’m not a superhero but I try to help as long as I can. It’s evident where my vote goes naman, I’ll choose a candidate that is caring and motherly. Ha-ha! But other than knowing that, I will keep cultivating kindness and celebrating the arts.

Speaking of 2022, what are some of your upcoming plans for the publication?
We honestly don’t have a definite goal yet, but we are envisioning a lot of growth. These past few months have been tremendous even though we were just starting, and I’d like to say that we did a great job. We became media partners to certain companies and organizations and the journey has been both exciting and nerve-racking. When all our plans are laid out, we will let you know!

Any parting advice for PRs who are looking to connect with a new generation of content creators?
Like any marketing strategy, understanding your audience is always a significant ingredient. Sometimes we get caught up with numbers, the algorithm, or maybe even with trends, etc. but knowing that a human being is on the other side of the internet is already a good start. And hey – if you are in the same niche as we are, The Local Creatives would be happy to publish PRs on our website. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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