Telum Talks To... Sonalie Figueiras, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Green Queen Media

Based in Hong Kong with a global outlook and an international audience, Green Queen is an award-winning impact media platform advocating for social & environmental change. It is a sustainability news outlet in the Asian region and a global reference for the alternative protein industry. The industry is one of the most important consumer products and investment opportunities of our time.

Green Queen is celebrating its 10th anniversary this October. This week, Founder & Editor-in-Chief Sonalie Figueiras shared with Telum Media the Dos and Don’ts when pitching to her and her team. 

1. Ensure you are spelling and formatting the name of the media outlet and the journalist you are writing to correctly - takes 1 min to do a quick LinkedIn search.
2. Provide key information in the press release including: product /service range, founder names and bios, social media links, high-quality images, funding information, ingredients / product specs, and the overall industry data for context
3. Do research before reaching out - check if the outlet has already covered your client or the news you are writing about so you appear prepared.
4. Answer emails from a journalist ASAP, even if the required information is not available immediately - let the journalist know that you are on it. 

1. Avoid repeated WhatsApp messages / social media messages. Send press releases via email for ease of reading and searching.
2. Avoid contacting different team members via various channels (WhatsApp, email, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) all at the same time - choose one channel (ideally email) and then follow up in a timely manner. 
3. Don't send us a press release about meat, seafood, dairy products.

Watch the full interview with Sonalie. (Duration: 10 mins)

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