Telum Talks To... Talk Food magazine's editorial team

Telum Talks To... Talk Food magazine's editorial team

Please tell us more about Talk Food in terms of its positioning, content, and editorial direction. 
Talk Food is a monthly diet magazine, so we have relatively sufficient time to produce content for our cover stories. The magazine was repositioned in December 2020 when we published the revamped “innovation” issue. We so far have published several new editions themed on various topics, including "Christmas Food Covenant", "Japanese Food Sealing", "This is the taste of Chinese New Year ", "Having rice properly", "I want to eat meat", "Eat right to lose weight", and  "Eating Noodles" on our latest issue.

We first come up with a theme for every issue before looking around for story angles based on it. Take May's issue as an example – it was about the secret of keeping fit. As always, eating right plays a key role in a healthy lifestyle, and we are a firm believer in self-discipline when it comes to losing weight.  For that issue, we featured several newly launched restaurants that provided healthy menus, ranging from vegetarian tacos to ready-to-eat, hydroponically grown produce. We also interviewed ketogenic diet practitioners to learn more about this particular weight-conscious diet. Of course, they shared with us the pros and cons of the ketogenic diet.
We also listed out our top picks for weight-loss friendly foods, including pearled barley, fermented tea and brown seaweed. We wanted to point out that if we consume the right food, we can lose weight effortlessly. Last but not least, we told the stories of several Hongkongers about their struggles with weight control. They were very forthcoming about their personal experience, and even shared with us the best recipes for lunchboxes!

Apart from our cover stories, needless to say, we also report on the latest information on food and drinks, or any hot topics and special events in our city that might appeal to our readers. Our editors strive to approach things from a users’ perspective, hoping to provide our readers with the best advice. After all, all these recommendations, we hope, will lead to a better lifestyle. 

Can you introduce the editorial team and the magazine’s day-to-day operation?
The editorial team is formed by several senior journalists and editors. As we print monthly, we usually brainstorm story ideas and conduct research at the beginning of each month. Interviews are arranged and conducted in the middle of the month. All the work is put in to make sure the magazine is published on the second Wednesday of the month. 

Generally speaking, we have a busier schedule at the end of every month, so we highly suggest PRs send us pitches after the month ends. The best way to contact us is via email, as we are usually out and about reporting and doing interviews. 

Talk Food launched an inaugural revamped issue in December 2020 with new design and content. In April this year, the magazine became a free magazine, being distributed in selected commercial buildings and large housing estates in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. Why was there such a change?
We are not satisfied with formulaic content, nor are we content with dull, one-sided, flat and straightforward narratives. Therefore, apart from deciding upon the theme of each issue, we try to approach the cover story from multiple angles to tell the exciting stories behind the scene. This was the rationale behind the revamp. The print magazine is now available at designated commercial buildings and large-scale housing estates in Kowloon, the New Territories, and Hong Kong Island.  Of course, expanding our readership is one of our top goals at the moment.

What are Talk Food’s future content plans? 
Apart from our focus on food and drinks, we will at some point expand our coverage to cover other lifestyle topics, including beauty, travel, arts and culture, health and wellness, and activities. In addition, we are going to set up TalkFood Plus, an online shopping platform aimed at bringing good deals and products to our readers. 

We welcome pitches as well as collaboration with PR professionals. Feel free to send us relevant materials, products and story ideas. 

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