Telum Talks To… Tanya Singh, Founder / Director, NAARI Magazine

Telum Talks To… Tanya Singh, Founder / Director, NAARI Magazine

What inspired you to start NAARI Magazine? How did you come up with the name?
Hong Kong is a place where women in many different professions enjoy equal rights as their male counterparts. Sadly, however, there hasn't been any English-language magazine dedicated to this topic. The word 'NAARI' means woman in Hindi. Coming from a magazine and PR background, I have given a lot of thoughts into it before starting this project catering to women. 

Can you tell us more about your role and duties at NAARI Magazine?
From cover design conceptualisation to page layout, the duties associated with my role cover A-Z. Content generation is also done single-handedly by me. As Founder of the magazine, I also look after the promotional side of things, including sponsorships and partnerships with event organisers. Recently, I have also been meeting people from different consulates here in town to reach out to different communities. 
What kind of content can readers expect from NAARI Magazine in the coming year?
All I can say is that everything we publish is accurate and based on first-hand sources. We do not believe in fake news or run-of-the-mill articles.

What is the key to building a sustainable relationship with your contacts? How do you deal with challenges?
I have always believed in being persistent. Another important key to note: "Always be truthful to your clients." Be frank about what you can deliver to gain trust from others. 

When it comes to running a company, you can say every day is a challenge as you have to pay the bill. It's important to keep the ball rolling as whether you can achieve your goals is all about hard work. 

What is the biggest difference between your hometown New Delhi and Hong Kong?
Hong Kong has given me so much freedom. As a woman, this allows me to push my limits and be creative. Everyone feels safe in Hong Kong; therefore, everybody can learn and pursue their dreams. As much as I feel protected by my family and relatives, things are a bit different in India and you do not have this many options. 

How can a PR professional best pitch or collaborate with you? What is the best way to contact you?
I am open to collaborating with various PR agencies to promote each other on our respective platforms, whether it's on print or social media. I am reachable 24/7 on my WhatsApp or email.

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