Telum Talks To... Terry Lam, Managing Editor, Weekend Weekly

Terry Lam started his journalism journey in New Media Group six years ago where he rotated in various media departments including Sunday More and New Monday. There, he gained the experience of running a print publishing operation and producing digital content and became the Managing Editor of Weekend Weekly. We spoke with Terry to learn more about Oriental Sunday Magazine's structure with a focus on Weekend Weekly, and how he works with PR professionals.

Please note this video is in Cantonese. The key takeaways are below: 
1. New Media Group publishes Oriental Sunday Magazine. It is a consumer magazine and is available every Thursday. The weekly magazine comprises two books. Book A includes Oriental Sunday with a few pages of New MondayWeekend Weekly is the Book B. 
2.  Some lifestyle magazines may have two separate print and digital teams, but editors at Weekend Weekly are responsible for both print and digital content. 
3. The magazine runs two Facebook pages, Weekend Weekly and Weekend Weekly Jetso, to accurately target different groups of readers. 
4. Have an understanding of teams' editorial roles so that PRs can send relevant materials to the right editors. It is also the key to building a long-term relationship.

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