Telum Vox Pop: World Tourism Day 2023

Telum Vox Pop: World Tourism Day 2023

By Erin Assur

To commemorate World Tourism Day, today 27th September, Telum spoke with travel journalists across Australia and New Zealand to find out their favourite tourism pieces they've written over the years:

Ellie Cobb, Senior Travel Journalist at BBC Travel
  • The hike making Australia a better place: This Indigenous-led hike on Tasmania's stunningly beautiful east coast takes visitors into some of the island's darkest history - yet is also a joyous celebration of Palawa culture and its survival against all odds. I'd recommend it to any Australian or visitor to this country.
  • Japan's forgotten indigenous people: It was such an honour to spend time with Japan's Indigenous Ainu people in Hokkaido and learn about their history and culture.
  • Can science and tourism save the reef?: Interviewing some of the brightest minds working to save the Great Barrier Reef was incredible, and gave me so much hope for the future.

Rebecca Andrews, Freelance Travel Writer 
I feel privileged to be able to call myself a travel writer. I have had conversations about aliens in Egypt, done champagne toe-shots in Hawaiian hurricanes, and road tripped to the cultural festivals in the north of Japan, but a couple of other stories that I have fond memories of are:
  • A cruise to Iceland: I was a huge fan of Titanic the movie, and this was my first ever cruise, so I had huge expectations that I suspected would never be met. Instead, I had the best 12 days of my life. I cruised from the UK to Iceland and fell head over heels with Azamara, along with cruising as a holiday style. I was mind-blown by Iceland (it looks like Mars) and was beside myself when I got to experience a proper Titanic iceberg moment. It was all thrills no spills!!
  • I got caught faking a pregnancy: I hate paying $60 when my carry on is one gram over the limit, so I "got pregnant" on a Jetstar flight to avoid paying the excess fee and made a "how to" video for anyone else wanting to stuff their shirt full of clothes to save a buck.

Megan Singleton, Travel Blogger for Blogger at Large​​​ / Travel Correspondent for Newstalk ZB
  • Worst ever massage: I chose this because it still makes me laugh. It is a funny read about the worst massage experience I’ve ever had, and I was on an actual spa famil in Taiwan. They got better after this!
  • My other job is acting, darling: This one was a brush with an A-list celebrity while staying in Los Angeles. It is a fun read and I am still quite proud of it. It’s in the New Zealand Herald. The moral of the story is to always keep your eyes peeled when visiting LA!
  • Learning Aboriginal art from a stolen child: While this one was set in Perth and was part of a famil to see and experience Western Australia, it was a “tour” to a woman who told us her moving story, which I hope I did justice to. She is an Aboriginal elder who was one of the stolen generation.

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