What’s in store for the media in 2020?

What’s in store for the media in 2020?

For our first feature of 2020, Telum caught up with senior journalists in Hong Kong to talk about the year ahead and uncover some tips about their focus for the next 12 months.

Allan Tan - FutureCFO, FutureIoT and FutureCIO, CXOCIETY
"From what economists are saying, 2020 will be a more challenging year than recent years. We expect heads of business and operations to be even more focused on drawing value from resources, and wheeling-and-dealing centred on drawing short-term profits over long-term competitive position.

Supporting departments like finance and IT will be even more ruthlessly tactical in how they invest. The good news is we expect investments to go forward, albeit with greater scrutiny over immediate returns as patience wears thin.

The editorial team at CXOCIETY will be even more discerning in how stories and ideas are pitched. We remain open and inviting to all with a value story to tell, to come. 

Just a word of advice: know your media before you pitch, so you don't waste your time and our enthusiasm."

Fraser Li - Hong Kong Economic Times 
"I will focus more on biotechnologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Insurance Technology (InsurTech) and Regulatory Technology (RegTech). If you have any relevant information or interview arrangements, please feel free to contact me."

Goosie Lam - JESSICA Hong Kong
"JESSICA Hong Kong was found in 2000, and we celebrate our 20th Anniversary this year. To celebrate the advent of the new era, we have selected a number of successful women from different sectors with the theme of 'New Definition of Success', and praised their achievements and contributions to society at the award ceremony held in the middle of the year.

In addition, starting in February, we will find 50 women at different levels of society and share with readers their new definition of success. Keep an eye on our social platforms and join us in the new era."

Jen Paolini - Localiiz
"As with the year before, I believe that nothing connects us and our readers more than cultural stories that highlight the rich history and dynamic energy of Hong Kong. In 2020, we hope to grow our "city guide" identity and our focus to include more human stories that tell the tales of all Hongkongers, as well as continue our dedicated lifestyle, trends, and entertainment coverage."

Sonalie Figueiras - Green Queen Media (Hong Kong)
"2020 is going to be a landmark year for sustainable fashion so there will be plenty of stories and news on that front to keep us busy. We will continue to report on the acceleration of the alternative meat, seafood and dairy industry. Plant-based products will go more mass and cultivated will become far more mainstream. And we are going to be helping readers understand the nuances more with definitions, regulations, implications for the global food system. Finally, we will persevere on the climate crisis reporting front, always coming at it from a much-needed and under-covered Asian perspective. "

Stephanie Ip - Revolution (Hong Kong)
"2020 is going to be exciting because there are quite a lot of big changes happening in the watch industry, with new formats and schedules for the biggest watch fairs. At Revolution, we will continue to bring quality content to our print publications, and we hope to expand our digital offering even further with more emphasis on video and audio content and exclusive collaborations."

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