Publication Profile: EdgeProp Singapore

Publication Profile: EdgeProp Singapore

1. Talk us through EdgeProp Singapore. What is the publication about and what does it aim to achieve?
Real estate is the biggest investment for many Singaporeans and foreign investors of Singapore. EdgeProp Singapore exists to help home-seekers make sense of property data, and also understand the inner workings of developers, architects, and builders through intimate interviews with key executives and thorough analysis.

2. I understand EdgeProp Singapore is celebrating its eighth anniversary in May 2023, what are some of the major milestones the publication has achieved and the goals you and your team hope to achieve in the next eight years?
We acquired Squarefoot Research in 2015 to bolster our real estate news media (then known as City & Country) with more extensive research capabilities. In 2017, we established the EdgeProp Excellence Awards to identify and recognise the finest real estate offerings. Last year, EdgeProp LandLens was introduced as part of our EPIQ enterprise solutions suite, helping users make better property decisions with data analytics. We also noticed the increasing interest from our readers to understand Singapore’s future development as planned on the URA Masterplan. As such, we kicked off our monthly Master Plan Master Class webinar series in late 2022, to study the different planning areas in Singapore.

In the next eight years, we hope to extend our services beyond Singapore and Malaysia, and also further allow property developers, property agents, and property-seekers to harness technology.

3. How has the reporting of property news changed over the last eight years?
We’ve stuck with what works for us - original, insightful content that sheds light on the beauty and intricacies of real estate. We complemented this by adding data-driven content, aided by interesting visuals, graphs and charts. This allows us to provide detailed analysis supported by facts and figures.

4. Who is EdgeProp Singapore’s target audience and its reach?
The content in EdgeProp Singapore is curated for home-buyers in the near term, and also long-term property investors. Demographically, we reach primarily Singaporeans in their prime income-generating years, leaning slightly towards the male gender. Psychographically, our audience shows keen interests in financial services, investments, and travel, alongside real estate.

5. What topics does your team cover that people might not be aware of?
Every year-end, we put up a list of upcoming property launches, estimated based on land bids and collective sales data. On a weekly basis, we also list the top profits and losses in the secondary market.

6. What key trends or issues is your team following at the moment or closely monitoring?
Demographic shifts is one key trend that we are closely monitoring. For example, household sizes are getting smaller, a natural evolution in a developed economy which was exacerbated by the pandemic (as people get used to working from home and living alone). This has many implications - creating upward pressure on rents, but also impacts how builders and developers think about place making in the future. For instance, they may choose to build smaller units which allows for flexible space. Other key trends include the use of AI technology in real estate, the growing importance of sustainability in the built-environment and the ever-changing role real estate agents play.

7. Are there any exciting plans in the second half of 2023 that readers can anticipate?
The EdgeProp Excellence Awards this year will be the biggest yet, to include more stakeholders and also more market segments such as commercial properties. With data analytics, EdgeProp Singapore will also be introducing more tools to democratise real estate investment.

8. What are the highly sought pitches that PRs should note and how can PRs work with EdgeProp Singapore?
Tell us something we don’t already know which can excite our readers! Take note of some of the key trends above, especially if they are supported by data, facts and figures. We love those!

Answers submitted by EdgeProp Singapore.

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