Publication Profile: Spirited Singapore

Publication Profile: Spirited Singapore

What does Spirited Singapore hope to deliver to its readers?
Spirited Singapore aims to captivate and enlighten the discerning and sophisticated reader with a drinks-forward lifestyle. Whether its unveiling the latest cocktail bar, spotlighting a hotel restaurant boasting an exceptional wine list, introducing the newest whisky or champagne release, or uncovering must-visit wineries and distilleries for avid travellers, we curate and highlight these experiences for those with a penchant for a tipple or three.

What's Spirited Singapore's identity, brand voice, or spirit?
We are equal parts fun, educational, and informative. Our tone leans towards the cheeky and sassy side, reflecting a spirited approach to storytelling.

What's the team's favourite concoctions that our readers should try?
We leave the art of making drinks to the professionals!

But seriously, Singapore offers an abundance of choice in our drinks scene. We have one of the highest densities of drinking options in town, from cocktail bars and craft beer taprooms to gastrobars and exclusive wine or whisky clubs. Spirited Singapore endeavours to unearth and introduce this plethora of options to our readers, and those overseas as well!

Could you share any specific guidelines or preferences you have for the types of stories, pitches, or press releases that you consider for the publication?
We’re always on the lookout for news on new openings, especially for bars, restaurants, and hotels. We particularly welcome pitches related to the following columns:
  • Spirited Eats: A round-up of food-related news such as new restaurant openings, latest menus, etc.
  • Drinkspotting: As above, but focused on watering holes and their drinks.
  • Spirited Travels: Shining the spotlight on travel destinations covering hotels, getaways, wine regions, distillery visits, as well as restaurants and bars, outside of Singapore.
  • Unbottled: A highlight of some of the more interesting wines and spirits we’ve tasted recently.
  • Spirited Dispatches: A compilation of interesting drinks-related news that may matter to our readers.
Additionally, our Makers & Shakers section features interviews with thought leaders in the niches we cover, though this section is sponsored.

Are there any specific types of alcohol-related stories or trends that your readers respond particularly well to, or that you feel are under-represented in the industry?
Our readers are particularly interested in specific drinks and dining experiences. Stories covering events such as wine and food festivals or promotions like champagne brunches perform very well on our site. Reviews on restaurants and bars also receive a positive response.

One area that we believe presents a significant opportunity is travel content focused on and around drinks experiences such as distillery tours, brewery and winery visits. Readers are increasingly looking - and travelling - for those kinds of experiences.

How can PRs booze their pitches, and what are the type of pitches that the team would like to receive?
We value pitches that come with invites, drops, or junket offers. Spirited Singapore’s editorial direction and tone of voice arise from firsthand experiences of drinks, food, and places. We know it sounds self-serving, but authentic stories are best crafted that way.

How do you see the future of alcohol-focused journalism evolving, and what opportunities or challenges do you anticipate for the industry and your publication?
A hurdle with alcohol-focused journalism? The need for credentials to be truly authoritative in the field, such as Wube & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) or Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) when writing about wine, for example.

While alcohol-centric content remains niche, it presents opportunities for growth as people increasingly seek and travel for unique drinks experiences. The challenge lies in overcoming the niche nature of our content, especially when we’re often passed over for opportunities in favour of peers who cover a wider swathe of content. But once people recognise that the demographic that drinks well also spends well, that potentially changes perspectives and offers more opportunities.

Answers submitted by Daniel Goh, Co-Founder and Editor of Spirited Singapore. 

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