Telum Talks To... Chang Yan, Founder, Supercharged

Telum Talks To... Chang Yan, Founder, Supercharged

Telum Media recently spoke with Chang Yan, Founder of Supercharged and a popular Weibo blogger focusing on new energy vehicles, with 850,000 followers. In the interview, he shared with us the editorial priorities at Supercharged, his editorial team, and his journey of becoming a go-to source for news in the industry.

The interview was written originally in Chinese. Find the summary below:
  • As one of the first bloggers focusing on electric vehicles in China, I gained popularity by covering the different stages of technological innovation in the industry. My goal has always been to provide the latest coverage in a timely manner, and my Weibo account is still updated quite frequently.
  • I established Supercharged in 2020 after accumulating six years of experience in covering the sector. This was when China saw a rapidly expanding EV market, with new products launched and unicorns getting listed on the stock market.
  • The editorial team of Supercharged includes eight senior reporters with an average of five years' experience in reporting on the automobile and technology sectors. We are looking to hire new staff to enhance our video production capability in the following year.
  • The content I share is always closely related to how different trends impact our daily lives. I always look out for topics that our readers care most about. After all, most of our readers are car owners or users.
  • I worked as the Deputy Editor of a digital technology-focused media outlet and have more than ten years of experience in technology reporting, so I welcome story pitches from digital products or brands seeking cross-sector collaboration.

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