Telum Talks To… CNA Podcasts

Telum Talks To… CNA Podcasts

CNA recently announced its new audio strategy that involves live radio, original podcasts and repurposed audio content.

In collaboration with Mediacorp, Telum Media delved into the podcast world with Steven Chia, Crispina Robert, and Sarah Al-Khaldi, Podcast Hosts of Heart of the Matter, Work It, and Money Talks respectively. Here are some key takeaways from the conversations during the event:

- The audience for CNA podcasts is between 30 to 45 years old. The podcasts are widely accessed through mobile, CNA’s own mobile app, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

- The hosts shared how podcasts have become part of the ecosystem with it being widely available on mobile. During the pandemic, more people were interested to listen to experts’ perspectives and advice. Such listening habits led them to believe that audio will be a sustainable strategy moving forward.

- A good pitch will show if the PR understands and has listened to the show and what their x-factor is, which can make a difference in the listeners’ lives. For podcasts, it's the personal stories that make the topic easier to engage with and understand. On Money Talks, Sarah shared that, listeners will want to listen to more personal flavour, instead of their expertise on topics. "I'm interested to craft a piece that will resonate with the listeners," she said.

- Guests featuring in the podcast episodes will need to have confidence in their topic. It is typically an act of balancing between managing their expertise and explaining the topic such that it is easy to understand. In a podcast, heavy topics can feel less threatening and more approachable, as compared to when it is in black and white. 

- Podcasts are also a more conversational approach and give guests opportunities to share their stories. As such, no interview questions will be given beforehand. However, the area of conversation can be discussed. Hence, the speakers highlighted the importance of media training and live sessions to explore different conversation and interview styles.

- As for what the hosts are currently working on, Crispina commented that she has been receiving a number of pitches related to quiet quitting and quiet firing. There are also a couple of new podcasts listeners can look forward to the launch of, such as a podcast for parenting, crime, and women’s lifestyle.

More details on the different podcasts and how to contact the team can be found on Telum Media.

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