Telum Talks To… Steve Lai, Presenter / Senior Producer, CNA and Podcast Host, Good List / Bad List

We spoke with Steve Lai, Host of Good List / Bad List, a podcast that discusses the news stories of the week.

  • Good List / Bad List serves as an informal chance for the audience to hear from presenters and news anchors from both CNA938 and CNA, how they think and look at the news and how they categorise if the news is worthy of a place on the Good List or on the Bad List.

    “Life is as a whole full of good things and bad things; depends on the aspect we are looking at it. When it comes to COVID-19 where we are talking about it every week, we also see great humanitarian stories of sacrifices that are being made, little things that people made to help alleviate pressure.”
  • Steve agreed that podcasting has been around for a long time, but only now has it started to gain more traction in the local market in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia.

    “I think relevant content to us here in Asia is probably one of the reasons… Language is probably one and also the culture of listening to podcasts… Finding something that is relevant to you with an Asian voice and in a language that you want to hear it in, the market just hasn’t developed to that extent yet. But it’s getting easier and easier to be connected to a device and to access to these kinds of podcasts and information.”
  • CNA is currently practising safe distancing and Steve is working from home where he presents his shows and podcast.

    “I’m broadcasting for Asia Tonight and Singapore Tonight, both are one-hour shows, from my home… We have the technology and we have the safe measures that we have to be doing for the wellbeing of all our colleagues. We didn’t want to change the format of two presenters, but we’re also making our efforts and doing the best we can to be able to keep our safe distancing measures.”
  • Good List / Bad List is a conversation between news colleagues. Steve said it might open up to people within the industry, but it has to be really specific and relevant to the current topics and themes.

    “When it comes to people reaching out to us for news, it has to be newsworthy, topical and relevant to what’s going on now... We are not there for a sales pitch from someone, but if they can offer expertise on a subject, then that’s the angle they should be pushing… Their expertise will shine through with their knowledge”

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