Top Benefits of Joining Telum’s Journalist Community

Top Benefits of Joining Telum’s Journalist Community

What is Telum?
Telum is an APAC-focused media engagement platform committed to facilitating constructive engagement between journalists and communications professionals. With its presence across the region, it serves as a bridge between media workers and PRs with a variety of tools that help both get their job done easier.

How can a journalist benefit from joining Telum?
We know that irrelevant pitches and media releases are frustrating. Our mission is to make engagement between communications professionals and journalists faster, smarter and better.

By joining the Telum community, journalists immediately gain access to a wide range of tools that help ensure the engagement with PR professionals are as meaningful as targeted. From getting the right source to complete a story to showcasing the latest editorial product, media workers can make themselves better heard locally and abroad via Telum’s easy-to-use platform operated by our dedicated teams across the APAC region.

1. Media Requests - get relevant sources quickly and easily
Access thousands of expert sources from across the Telum Media’s PR network by submitting a Media Request.

Quick, easy and free to submit, Media Requests are your opportunity to source quotes, information, story pitches, media kits, products to review and competition prizes – anywhere in the Asia Pacific region.

Thousands of journalists have already reached out to Telum with their Media Requests. Find out what some of them have to say about Media Request, or try it out now.  

2. Telum Jobs Board
Are you expanding your team or looking for your next role in the media industry? Quick, easy and free to use, Telum’s Jobs Board has been used by actively-looking journalists and PRs as well as top media outlets and PR agencies in the APAC region. Employers can directly receive emailed CVs from applicants via Telum’s platform and the job postings are shared on Telum’s media and PR alerts that are read by thousands of journalists and PR professionals.

3. News and Alerts - people moves, media updates and exclusive interviews 
Our weekly media newsletter covers the latest people moves, media updates and exclusive journalist interviews.

Whether you have a job change to announce, a publication to launch, or any other editorial news, Telum alerts can help spread the word, with its content only published after you have signed it off.

The alerts’ Focus on Freelancers section helps raise your profile with PRs and publications. Reach out to Telum’s content team to work out your next alert.

Drop us an email at for a coffee to find out what else Telum offers.

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