Publication Profile: Sgcarmart

Publication Profile: Sgcarmart

1. Tell us more about Sgcarmart. What does it aim to achieve and what sets the publication apart from others in the automotive scene?
Sgcarmart is one of Singapore’s leading automotive portal, with wide-ranging content relevant to our audience. We distinguish ourselves through both the breadth and depth of content, offered across a variety of channels and media - besides our website, you can also find us on YouTube, as well as all social media channels. The objective, of course, is to provide timely, responsive and credible content to our audience, no matter how they choose to consume media.

2. What are Sgcarmart's main content pillars?
At Sgcarmart, we cover all types of content relevant to the automotive sector. Of course, car-specific content is a big part of it, but we are also focused on the wider transportation ecosystem - commercial vehicles, motorbikes, car-sharing, public transport - all these factor into how people move around Singapore.

3. Do you have any recent audience or readership figures to share?
The articles section on the Sgcarmart website averages over 600,000 monthly page views, while the YouTube channel has over 360,000 monthly views.

4. How has the reporting of automotive stories changed over the years? What key trends or issues is your team following at the moment?
It has changed vastly and we think that has to do with two things - the first is how quickly the automotive sector is transforming (which is a rapid pivot towards technology, electrification and autonomous driving), and the second is how people consume content today (which is increasingly visual).

The team evolves accordingly - paying increased attention to policy and infrastructure developments and how they affect car buyers, and also trying to help our audience better understand the complex technologies that go into cars these days.

The big "trend", of course, is electrification. However, it’s hard to call it a trend because trends come and go, but electric vehicles are here to stay. This is a big shift for the industry - not just for carmakers, but also for car drivers. At Sgcarmart, we want to help facilitate that transition to the electrified future.

5. What elements make a pitch stand out and align with your team's coverage interests?
With how rapidly the car market and wider transportation ecosystem are evolving, pitches that highlight forward-looking solutions certainly stand out. But ultimately, as long as it affects the average consumer, that aligns with our coverage interests - we want to provide the best information and content that serves the needs of our audience.

6. Are there any pitches your team would like to receive more (or less) of?
At Sgcarmart, we are open to all pitches and any opportunities for collaboration.

7. What is Sgcarmart's editorial focus for the next year (2024)?
Moving forward, we will continue to leverage our key competencies to deliver timely, relevant and credible content that serves the need of every driver and car owner in Singapore. Also, we want to reach out to a broader and wider audience - every individual interacts with the broader transport ecosystem in their own personal way, and we want to be the go-to resource for all mobility solutions.

Answers submitted by Desmond Chan, Deputy Editor of Sgcarmart.

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