Telum Vox Pop: Journalists weigh in on FinTech fever

By Sam Jo Yeo

When it comes to FinTech, there has been a lot of promise about its potential. Telum Media spoke to journalists who cover FinTech in Southeast Asia to find out what they really think of the phenomenon.

Joining us from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia are: Arocha Phurmtaveepol, Editor-in-Chief at Techsauce, Jamie Lee, Deputy News Editor at The Business Times, Eisya Asshafina Eloksari, Business Reporter at The Jakarta Post, as well as Isaac Wong, Programme Manager at CaiJin.

Here is what they discuss:
  • How much has FinTech actually lived up to its hype in their country? Will this continue or change?
  • What is one area of FinTech that deserves more attention and buzz?
  • If they could interview anyone at all in the FinTech world, who would it be and why?

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