Take 5: Redhill ASEAN Youth Survey 2021
Sam Jo Yeo

Take 5 is a Telum Media series that highlights the top takeaways from the latest media research and developments.

In this episode, we look at Redhill's ASEAN Youth Survey 2021, which polled youths aged 18-35 in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Joining us to share the survey's key findings are Redhill's Managing Director Pranav Rastogi and Redhill's Director of Content and Research Imran Arif.

The five main takeaways are:
  1. Youths in Southeast Asia want to be more politically active than before and social media appears to be the catalyst. (1:49)
  2. They prefer to consume news on social media and want safer online spaces, particular when it comes to guarding against fake news and online harassment. (3:22)
  3. They want more government action to combat climate change and are stepping up on their own sustainable efforts. (5:03)
  4. They feel more can be done to address sexual and mental health - typically taboo areas compared to physical health. (6:21)
  5. ASEAN youths are cautiously optimistic about their future. Although they are concerned about spending on simpler luxuries in the short-term, they are more optimistic about longer-term investments such as owning a home. (7:47)

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