Covering COVID-19: Telum Round-up

Covering COVID-19: Telum Round-up

Telum’s teams from across APAC are engaging media and PR professionals on a daily basis to find out how they are navigating the coronavirus pandemic. Below is a selection of stories powered by our dedicated country teams across the APAC region. 

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Australia and New Zealand:

Agility trumps preparation during a crisis
David Faktor, Director of Media and Communications for St. Vincent’s Health Australia, says agility in reacting to the ever-changing situation is key to crisis management

Advice from the experts in communicating in a crisis
Senior communications professionals open up on how they have been navigating through uncharted waters during the COVID-19 crisis

Virtual roundtable with the senior leadership team at PRIA
Top executives of the Public Relations Institute of Australia believe the COVID-19 crisis provides both challenges and opportunities for the industry

Zoom roundtable on communicating during the COVID-19 pandemic
When there is more noise than ever, what is the best way of communicating with staff, stakeholders, and media? This roundtable offers some practical solutions

Telum Talks To... Lisa Davies, Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald
This is an exclusive interview with the Editor of the SMH about working with the newsroom during the COVID-19 situation in Australia

Telum Talks To... Michael Koziol, Deputy Editor, The Sun-Herald
What PRs need to know about working with a metro newspaper during the coronavirus outbreak

Roundtable with healthcare PR experts
Few would have been better placed to respond to the outbreak effectively than those working in Healthcare PR

Roundtable with the PRIA NSW Young Guns
Developing your PR career in isolation? A roundtable of emerging PR practitioners provides tips on how to equip yourself for the future during the outbreak

Communicating during the coronavirus epidemic
Communications best practice and advice for business and practitioners during an unfolding and ongoing crisis

Telum Talks To... Time Out about becoming Time In
Time Out Editorial Director Cass Knowlton in Australia reveals how his editorial team has pivoted to help Australians stay entertained while observing social distancing

Telum Talks To... Lonergan Research about satisfaction with news coverage and COVID-19 fatigue
News consumption has jumped since the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, so Lonergan Research recently put research out into the field to understand how news consumers feel about the news coverage of the COVID-19 crisis in Australia

Is it too soon to joke about COVID-19?
There is nothing funny about COVID-19. But comedy can help re-engaging with the audience during the period

East Asia:

Telum Talks To...Christopher Grimes, Executive Editor, Nikkei Asian Review
Watch the conversation with Nikkei Asian Review on how to keep engaging during the COVID-19 outbreak

Telum Talks To... Tammy Tam, Editor-in-Chief, South China Morning Post
The South China Morning Post has become Asia’s first news organisation to join the Trust Project, a global effort to promote trustworthy journalism. Its Editor-in-Chief, Tammy Tam, speaks about the collaboration and how the news outlet keeps journalists motivated and engaged during the COVID-19 outbreak

Telum Talks To... Genevieve White, Managing Director, Hong Kong, Sard Verbinnen & Co
The former lawyer talks to Telum about her career change, gender diversity in the communications industry and more

Telum Talks To… Dicky Tse, Senior Reporter, iMoney (Cantonese)
This Cantonese interview offers an inside look at iMoney magazine, one of Hong Kong’s most well-known financial news publications

Telum Talks To… Wang Hao-Yu, Reporter, Formosa TV (Mandarin)
Watch the conservation on how the Taiwan-based journalist and his organisation coped with the COVID-19 outbreak

Telum Webinar: Redefining Media Relationships in the New Era
Telum Media organised its first webinar for the East Asia region where panelists shared their experience of weathering the outbreak and insights on what opportunities lie ahead for the media and communications industry

Telum Talks To... Tom Cheshire, Asia Correspondent, Sky News
A TV news personality and a Royal Television Society awardee, Tom Cheshire is also the author of The Explorer Gene, an account of the adventurous Piccard family. Telum caught up with him on his journalism journey and his life as a Beijing-based TV reporter during the height of lockdowns

Reporting in China under the coronavirus outbreak
The COVID-19 outbreak has been dominating news cycles in China. Journalists are racing to dissect its impact on every aspect of the society. Telum has talked to journalists from different beats to find out the answers

Telum Talks To... Joanna Chao, Deputy Editor-in-Chief / Executive Director, Science Monthly
Joanna Chao shares with Telum about how they translate complicated science issues to understandable language for the general public in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis

Telum Talks To...Dexter Roberts, Former China Bureau Chief of Bloomberg Businessweek and Author of 'The Myth of Chinese Capitalism
Veteran journalist Dexter Roberts looks back at his journalistic journey in China

South East Asia:

Telum Talks To... Suhaimi Sulaiman, Chairman, BERNAMA
The newly appointed Chairman of Malaysia’s national news agency shares with us the directions and visions he has for BERNAMA during and post COVID-19

Op-Ed: Cashing in on Long-term Relationships between Media and PR Professionals by Stefan Pertz
Why maintaining and building media relationships during the COVID-19 era is key for the future

Telum Talks To... Aloysius B Kurniawan, Editor of KOMPAS
Exclusive interview with the Editor of KOMPAS, revealing how the Indonesia national news title operates during the COVID-19 pandemic

Telum Talks To… Rachel Kelly, Senior Producer / Presenter, MONEY FM 89.3
Exclusive interview with Rachel Kelly on her new feature series on her radio show and how she copes with broadcasting from home

Telum Talks To... Ted Kemp, Digital Managing Editor, CNBC
The international broadcaster’s Digital Managing Editor shared on video on how his team keeps going and what are the stories that matter to CNBC during the COVID-19 crisis

Telum Talks To... Arnold Gay and Yasmin Jonkers, Presenters, Asia First, CNA938
Watch the video interview with the presenters of the morning show on Singapore’s national news radio station, where they shared with us how they have kept their radio show’s broadcast uninterrupted while practising safe distancing

Living within COVID-19: How media and PR in Southeast Asia have adapted their roles during the crisis
Telum Media’s first ever webinar featuring three journalists and a PR practitioner from Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia

Fasting in the midst of COVID-19
Fasting in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge for journalists in Indonesia. Watch our interview with four journalists and find out how they’re coping

Demystifying the virus: COVID Frontline
A summary report of the Facebook Watch event which featured top journalists from Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore, sharing learnings from the frontlines of COVID-19

COVID-19 - Disinformation & Media Realities in East Asia
Our report on Tehmina Kaoosji’s talk show where she spoke to three journalists and a researcher from Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia and Australia

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